“I have been attending courses throughout my working life, but I have never received such inter-disciplinary and complex treatment.  The Attingham Summer School was the most powerful experience of my professional life.
MIRJANA KOREN, Senior Curator, Regional Museum Maribor, Slovenia, Attingham Summer School 2018

Attingham has set the bar for me for quality education, world-class speakers, and students from diverse backgrounds and locations, all adding up to creating a perfect environment for expanding knowledge while broadening my network of resources.
MARCENE MOLINARO, Principal, Molinaro Appraisal Services LLC, USA, French Eighteenth-Century Studies 2018

“As a conservator I got a real sense of context, why and how things were made and for whom in the 18th century – it has been so very beneficial to my role as NT regional conservator.”
CLAIRE MAGILL ACR, NT Regional Conservator, Northern Ireland, French Eighteenth-Century Studies 2018

The 2017 Attingham Study Programme marked my first Attingham experience. I am delighted to say without exaggeration that it exceeded all my expectations – no mean feat given how highly regarded the Attingham programmes are among my curatorial colleagues and how highly recommended they had come.”
DR ALLISON GOUDIE, Curator of Collections & Interiors, The Iveagh Bequest, Kenwood, English Heritage, The Study Programme 2017

“… a marvellous London House course….  All so thoughtfully choreographed with wonderful hosts and experts suitably peppering the way.  And of course congenial and delightful company throughout: new colleagues found and friendships made.”
DR DEBORAH MAYS, Head of Listing Advice, Historic England, London House Course 2017

“… each day I found myself speaking with such interesting people from various parts of the globe.  It was wonderful to find our joint deep appreciation for historic buildings.”
NEIL McLAUGHLIN, Donald Insall Associates, London House Course 2017

 “The value of such a course is not only the access to treasures otherwise rare glimpsed, and the stimulating discussions with fellow students, but also the chance to compare approaches to the management of the historic house.”
KATHRYN JONES, Senior Curator of Decorative Arts, Royal Collection Trust, The Study Programme 2016

“Studying objects at first hand, intensively, and in the company of specialists, was the best kind of learning experience.”
DR JANE EADE, Curator, National Portrait Gallery, UK, Summer School 2015

“Participation in Royal Collection Studies is a curatorially thrilling experience. In a densely packed programme full of insight and revelation, I also appreciated the moments we were given to explore, consider and reflect in smaller groups or as individuals. It was an extraordinary privilege to spend ten days fully immersed in the material history of royal collecting and patronage and to have access to the expertise and scholarship of those who work or are associated with the Royal Collection Trust and Historic Royal Palaces.
EMMA SLOCOMBE, Curator, National Trust, UK, Royal Collection Studies 2014

“The Programme offered me experiences and knowledge that are of incomparable value for my professional development.”
PROF. ALISON McQUEEN, Associate Professor of Art History, McMaster University, Canada, Royal Collection Studies 2011

“Attingham was an incomparable experience. Never before did I have the chance to absorb and understand so many details, in such an array of contexts, in such a wide range of houses and collections.”
GABOR ALFOLDY, Head of Gardens, The National Trust for Hungary, Summer School 2010